Wednesday, March 26, 2008

my news piece

For our news piece, Scott and I were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview Danny Glover and Felix Justice, who performed at TCNJ in "An Evening With Martin and Langston", a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and Langston Hughes. Our piece incorporated pieces of the interview and footage of their performances, and we went on to discuss TCNJ's efforts to honor black history month. In general, we didn't have too many difficulties throughout the filming and editing process, with the exception of thinking that our tape was messed up when in fact it was the player on which we were attempting to view the footage. At any rate, that is what our news piece consists of, and I hope everyone enjoys it because we definitely had a good time creating it.


Danielle said...

Adam & Scott,

As I said in class, I loved your piece. It was very well written, executed, and edited. Adam, you're always comfortable in front of the camera and I know Scott has had some experience in TV... you both used what you knew and got to also learn in the process. You're hard work showed in your piece.

Great establishing shot. It wasn't distracting and got me excited to see the rest of the piece. I liked how you set up each shot and even referred to Mr. Glover's image on the screen at one point in your VO.

There was one blurry shot (it was either of Mr. Justice or Mr. Glover's performance, I'm not sure) and b-roll would have been great to put over the interview. But other than that, I thought it was excellent. Great job!

steven elliott said...

Adam and Scott: I really liked your piece. I was impressed with how you handled interviewing a well known person like Danny Glover, and how you handled a serious topic like civil rights. Your topic seemed particularly difficult since you had now options to re-shoot any of your footage. You manged to get good sounbites from both Glover and Felix Justice, and the camera work did a good job of framing your subjects. I really liked your reporter standup, though like Professor Carbonaro said, it would have been better if you had had a "life from the scene" type of feel. Also, adding soem B-roll of the actual presentation over your interview sound might have made the interviews a bit less monotonous. I might also have liked to see the reactions of some students who had attended the occaision, but obviously you only had a limited amound of time to work with. Overall, I thought you guys did a great job, especailyl considering you were interviewing a famous person.

muhrich said...

Scott and Adam,

I liked how you lead into your sound bites, I can imagine this was difficult to take a long interview and cut down into a 2 minute piece. I think you could have used a bit more b-roll during the 'talking head' moments but overall very well done.